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Announcing the 2010 Michigan Pairing Tour

2010 January 21
by Nayan Hajratwala

Inspired by Corey HainesJourneyman Tours, I’m kicking off the 2010 Michigan Pairing Tour.

To start with, I’ll be spending 1 day per month pairing with individuals anywhere within about a 2 hour driving distance from Ann Arbor. (Yes, I realize this puts the top of Ohio in play as well. If you’re nice, maybe I’ll cross the border for you 🙂 )

I’ll pair in any language, on any project. We can write code, write stories, write acceptance tests, you name it.


What am I trying to accomplish?

  1. Enhance my own skills from hands on experience with other practitioners.
  2. (Hopefully) enhance my partner’s skills.
  3. Meet more like-minded folks throughout Michigan.
  4. Inspire others who don’t have the availability for a full Corey-style tour to go out and grow themselves and the community.


If you’d like to be on my tour, please contact me via email or twitter. If you need to get permission from your boss, I’m happy to talk to him/her or sign any corporate NDA’s that are required.

My current plan is to do this on Fridays, but I’m pretty flexible, so let me know what works for you.

I’ll put up a Google Calendar shortly with all the booked dates. (Update: Google Calendar is posted)

Thanks for your interest, and I hope to see you on my journey!