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My CodeMash Agenda

2008 January 4
by Nayan Hajratwala

One of my goals for this conference is to learn more about stuff I don’t know. This sounds obvious, but I have this nasty habit of going to conferences and simply going to sessions that are related to things I do every day.

I’m driving down to CodeMash on Wednesday evening (1/9/07). There’s an experts panel discussion @7pm, so I’ll be at that.

On Thursday, I’m currently planning:

  • The first half of Introducing Building Facebook Applications (Matt Pizzimenti). I admit that I’m not that “with it” when it comes to the whole social networking thing. The introduction of all these Open API’s certainly has me intrigued though. I have to leave the session in order to be in the “Experts Zone” from 10:15 – 11:05.
  • Next up is Crash, Smash, Kaboom Course in Python (Catherine Devlin). After spending years drinking Java and shining Ruby for a bit, I’ve been meaning to get the squeeze on Python. (wow, that was bad.) This sounds like just the session I was looking for.
  • After some delicious conference food for lunch, I’ll slip over to the Agile Development with Groovy and Grails (Chris Judd) session. I looked at Grails a while back, but didn’t end up doing much with it. I’d like to get an actual practitioner’s take on it.
  • To round out the day, I’ll take in Advanced Ruby Class Design (Jim Weirich). This one will probably be a bit of a stretch for me, as I wouldn’t call myself “advanced” in Ruby, but maybe something will rub off on me from all the other smartypants’ in the room.

Seems like a pretty good Thursday — A little bit of Python, Java Scripting, Ruby and a sprinkling of Facebook on top.

Then on Friday:

  • To start off, I’ll check out Why I Love Python (Bruce Eckel). Why do you love Python, Bruce? I’m dying to know. The Behaviour Driven Development session looks interesting as well … too many choices!
  • Next for me will be Hands on Agile Practices (Brian Prince). From the description, this session is going to focus mostly on Agile planning. Many organizations neglect this area when they try to “do Agile”, focusing only on things like TDD, CI and Refactoring. The exception is those that adopt Scrum, but they usually end up neglecting the developer level practices.
  • After that, I should go to my own session on Continuous Integration.
  • Finally, I’ll be in the “Experts Zone” for the duration of the last session.

All in all, it promises to be an exciting Conference … let’s not forget it’s at a waterpark! In the middle of winter! Whee!