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CodeMash Continuous Integration Presentation

2008 January 12
by Nayan Hajratwala

Hey gang — CodeMash just wrapped up yesterday evening, and I presented my talk on Continuous Integration. I think it went pretty well, and I’ve attached the presentation here. You should also be able to get it (with audio recording) pretty soon from the CodeMash website.

In the presentation, there are two slides that probably warrant additional explanation. The first is the “Activity Time” slide. At this point, I split the participants (about 40) into four groups. I gave each of them 1/4 of a 100-piece Transformers puzzle. Little did they know that each group actually had a different puzzle.

I explained that this was like a customer giving them requirements and they were to “assemble the software” and deliver it at the end of the iteration. The groups were to independently work on the puzzles and then bring them together and “integrate” them when complete. Well, when they tried to integrate at the end, obviously it didn’t work. The idea here was that late integration is bad, and they would have discovered the problem much sooner if they tried to join the puzzles earlier.

The second is the “Demo!” slide, during which I demonstrated setting up a Hudson server with the violations, cobertura, and tasks plugins. We went through several builds improving code coverage along the way.

Overall, the presentation went pretty well — there were a few dead spots when my four year old laptop started showing it’s age. Also, I should have brought the puzzle exercise up more frequently so folks could recognize the point of it more clearly.

I’ll be giving this presentation again at my current client within the next few weeks, so that should be fun as well.

See you at CodeMash

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