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Continuous Refactoring – Spreading the Word

2008 February 4
by Nayan Hajratwala

Patrick Welsh has just written another excellent article about Continous Refactoring. His “Where to Start?” section got me thinking about how to get my client to get Refactoring into their cultural DNA.

One of the Directors here recently started passing around copies of Fowler’s book, so my first thought was that I could do a series of presentations on a group of code smells, followed by presentations on the refactoring. Borrrr-ing…

It turns out that this client has a well established weekly “Brown Bag” cadence already in place, which gets a respectable turn out, and in addition gives cash incentives for the presenters.

So, I propose to solicit volunteers for the Brown Bags such that each week (or 2 weeks, or whatever — other people will likely still want to present on other topics) someone will present one or more of the Code Smells from Fowler’s book. They can then go through a few of the refactorings that pertain to that Smell.

This seems like a good way to start getting people exposed to the ideas as well as allowing the presenters to gain deeper knowledge of the refactorings.