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Replacing Web Service Frameworks

2008 March 15
by Nayan Hajratwala

I just had an experience that scored another point for the TDD camp.

Over the past few months, I’ve been implementing a web service for a B2B process from my current client. After looking at Spring-WS, XFire and CXF, I was pretty much forced into using XFire due to being restricted to JDK 1.4 by my client’s infrastructure. Spring-WS didn’t support JDK 1.4 at the time, and CXF requires J2SE 5.0 at a minimum.

I built the application using a Test Driven approach and ended up with a nice design with about 94% code coverage.

Last friday, I started working on a requirement that would require some features absent from XFire. I revisited Spring-WS, which seemed to have what I needed — plus, it now supported JDK 1.4! Yahoo! To make a short story, well, shorter … I replaced XFire with Spring-WS within about 2 hours. It was extremely simple to swap out, run my test suite and confirm that everything *just worked*.

btw — Spring-WS is a really nice framework. Very simple to understand and use, and (obviously) fits in with the Spring paradigm quite nicely.