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CodeMash 2008 – Continuous Integration

2007 December 13
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by Nayan Hajratwala

In early January, I’ll be presenting a session about Continuous Integration at the CodeMash 2008 conference in beautiful Sandusky, Ohio.

CI is something that is well known and loved in the Agile community, but it always surprises me when going from client to client, how little it is used (effectively) in the “real world”.

It is quite typical to see a CI server being used by a single group (or person!) where people check in their code every week or so, thereby nullifying the usefulness of the tool.

In my presentation, I plan to give some concrete steps that teams can use to get up and running with CI quickly, as well as:

  • getting buy-in from management (probably the most important piece)
  • a comparison of some of the available CI tools
  • best practices
  • automated deployments to DEV, QA, and (gasp!) PROD

If you have anything else you’d like me to include in the presentation, post a comment and I’ll try to see if it fits. I’ll post the presentation up here after the conference.

See (some of) you there!