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CodeMash Presentations

2008 November 13
by Nayan Hajratwala

The sessions for the upcoming CodeMash conference were announced on the email list last night. It looks like a great list of sessions that will be posted shortly on the official site.

Unfortunately, the sessions that I submitted were not selected. There’s always next year, but in the spirit of optimism there are a couple nice side effects of this:

  1. More free time since I don’t have to prepare presentations.
  2. More time at the conference to play Rock Band. Please tell me someone is bringing it. =)

Anyway, for those who are interested, here are the abstracts that I submitted:

Enterprise Build & Deployment Ecosystems

One of the most forgotten/ignored aspects of software development is the build/deployment process. Teams tend not to give it much thought until a couple weeks before actual deployment time, and then ad hoc solutions are rushed into place that sometimes create more problems than they solve.

Build/Deploy nirvana consists of:

  1. Low setup-cost for new team members
  2. Code AND Database version control
  3. Easily repeatable builds
  4. Automated release versioning
  5. Pushbutton deployments to all environments.

This session will present a set of Best Practices(TM) needed to make this vision a reality, as well as one possible implementation using Maven (Build), Hudson (Continuous Integration), and LiquiBase (Database Change Management).

ICEfaces: Ajax Interfaces with JEE Power

Tired of fighting with Javascript to build an AJAX-enabled application? Sick of developing UIs that are not easily integrated into your JUnit test harness?

ICEfaces is a fully Ajax enabled implementation of the JSF (Java Server Faces) specification. Build all your components in (testable) Java, write your pages with ICEfaces/JSF tags, and ICEfaces magically generates the cross-browser Ajax interface elements with dynamic updates.¬† You can leverage the full enterprise power of the JEE stack with ease. It’s open source too!

This session will present the fundamentals of ICEfaces, it’s benefits and drawbacks, as well as how you can start using it in your application.